#2 Buttoned Up – A Facescape


„If only I could talk.“

“Buttoned Up” depicts the Facescape Portrait I use for all my Facescape series Artworks. On a teal turquoise seagreen background, we have the oman shoot a serious look at the camera while the mounth is shut and buttoned up with a flap of jeans-skin closed with buttons. Unable to speak, hen we really want to, this Facescape was created ith an unsettling feeling of something hidden.

Did you ever feel silenced, or naturally mute, like you don’t have anything to say or do but can’t, through yourself or context?

There are many reasons, situations or notions we may feel voiceless, be it through another person or through ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just open the buttons and let it out?

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