#22 Planted – A Facescape Artscape

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A Facescape Artscape for gardening and growth, figuratively and literally 😉

Growing up, after moving into the house we would stay and I would grow up in, my mother grew a bunch of vegetables and salads on our garden. That is, until she gave in and let the snails win, by replacing the salad with grass.

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Her parents as well had always grown potatoes, beans, carrots, tomatoes, peas, apples, pears, you name it, and I remember peeling peas out of their shells with my grandma. We sat in the “Waschküche”, laundry room, had “woman talks” and ate our fair share of raw sweet peas.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Herbs and spices, and have always dreamt of my herb and fruit garden. Life in a van, driving around Europe, naturally this had to wait. My idea of just renting and living on a garden plot with my van, given electricity and water supply, as well changed, as life changed, as it does 🙂

Bullet Journal Planted, a facescape artscape
Sketchbook, Bullet Journal “22 Planted”


This is not A Facescape Artscape about celebrating roots, it’s about growth. Albeit, roots are more important than I used to be willing to admit. I am a wanderer at heart, so roots always felt like a chain of sorts, tying me down. But I don’t think that that is what it means. It means the basis we built our personality on, regardless of whether we physically stand still or spend our life wandering. It is the people we hold dear, love and trust in, close and far away. But growth, growth means wings, it means rising, it means movement, either way.

And whether it’s plants, plans or personalities, experiences and expectations, isn’t the potential to grow and change, in all its unpredictability and wonder what makes life worth it?

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