Photo Composites? What’s that?

A photo-composited artwork is an artwork consisting of elements from numerous different photographs. This process is done by hand from sketch to element selection, assembly to “making it fit” and refining. Common uses are billboards, magazines, book covers, articles, ads, campaign imagery, and anything else you want to illustrate in an impressive, eye-catching way.

Here to tell your story

Advertise and Showcase your business‘ personality, ideals, or mission statement in a fantastical unique way! Promote your business’ unique characteristics, values, mission, or vision!

Are you a success-oriented business climbing ladders above
and beyond the corporate building?

Have a Vision Statement Piece motivate your team in your offices

Pimp Your Business

I’ll design a custom composition perfect for your office displays, posters, magazine ads, or editorial illustrations to captivate and attract your next customer! These photo composited works are a versatile, fun way to attract attention and invoke interest to learn more.

Let potential customers know who you are with an imaginative eye-catcher to make them stop and think

Draw In Clients

They are specifically designed to illustrate characteristics through an artistic lens. The result is a custom-tailored metaphorical landscape that appeals and sparks interest. They shine on billboards and magazines to introduce your business or a living room wall as a personal gift for a loved one translating their personality into art.

Are you a writing-related business enabling customers
to unleash their creativity?

The Essence of the story at a glance

Inspire Readers’ Interest

As an illustrative piece, the composited photofusions will spark interest, guide attention and highlight your subject, making it not only easily understandable but also captivating in a fun way. Photofusions are a great way to accompany and showcase whatever you wish to express.

Create a great First Impression

Show off your ideas

The creation process allows me to create almost any kind of imagery you imagine, and my skills and knowledge of Photoshop ensure bringing your vision to life with stunning accuracy and creativity.

Illustrative Photofusion for the Non-Profit TrueUSA who used it for a campaign to discourage major Fox News Sponsors from further advertising and Supporting Fox news

How do I get my own?

Get in touch and let me know what you have in mind!

tel: +49 157 83 03 05 28
email: **@al*************.com

Let’s connect and create together

What happens once I initiate the project?

1. Schedule a Call – A dialogue enables me to learn about you, the recipient of the work, or your business — delving into traits, values, visions, personality. This guides the visual style, seriousness, humorous, color choices or other characteristics.
2. Idea Generation – I create a rough sketch based on our discussion and share it with you to ensure we’re on track and to clarify any misunderstandings.
3. Approval – Once you’re satisfied with the concept, I’ll begin the visualization.
4. Draft Review – I’ll send you a draft with all elements roughly arranged in place for your review and final adjustments.
5. Artwork Finalization – I’ll process, edit, refine, and finalize the artwork.
6. Delivery – You’ll receive the final artwork optimized for both print and digital use.

Sound good? Excellent! Let’s get started on your project today!

The benefits of commissioning an individual Photoshop Artwork

For yourself, your own Characterscape Photofusion can be a source of joy and a sometimes needed push for the Ego. For loved ones, family, friends, My Photoshopped Fusion works offer a unique and personal gift ideaCafés, restaurants, libraries, and other public spaces showing these phantastic Photofusions offer a piece to wonder, dream about and muse over a cup of coffee. For Startup businesses and companies, a Characterscape Fusion Work is an unparalleled platform to vividly showcase your distinctive characteristics, ideals, and mission statements, enabling you to captivate your audience and forge meaningful connections from the first glance.

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