Exploring all things beautiful

I am a designer, photographer, writer and artist, a wanderer at heart who loves to explore and to observe the inside and the outside of the human condition.

“Whether Corporate Design to outfit your professional endeavours, typographic print designs, photocomposited custom artwork for you or Styled Print Products, I am here for you.”

Let’s create something great!

With my Artscapes project combining different kinds of photo composited art, I invite you to commission me to create an Artwork custom designed with your own wishes today!

With a pen and paper to scribble since the age of 1, experience in Photography since 12, experience in Photoshop and all things digital creativity since 17, dabbles in the education of film in a “Mediengestalter Bild & Ton” Class for a year, internships in typographic advertising production company visuKomm and Animation Studio Filmbilder gGmbH Stuttgart and a Degree in “Mediengestaltung Digital & Print” off the media GmbH Stuttgart in 2011, I have since gathered experience in freelance work with different clients from the family man to paint a family picture for to companies requiring a variety of different print products to build a corporate design and information structure, in Event photography, art projects, and compiling, designing and publishing of different kinds of books, art and art Prints.

So, what can I help you with?

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