Alexandra Gregor

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I am an Illustrator and artist from Germany, in France, with backgrounds in print design, photography, cosmetics, and social pedagogy. I’m a gamer, traveler, explorer, baker, and all-around creative who loves to observe the inside and the outside of the human condition.

Being a gamer with a love for video games as well as old school Pen and Paper RPG, a fondness for type, and an interest in social psychology and good stories makes me a bit of a nerd loving cute, whimsical drawing styles and the eras of Art Nouveau and Bauhaus, as well as beautiful hand-lettering, illustrating with type and cute patterns. Especially a childlike enthusiasm and passion for dreamy stories inspire a lot of ideas.

So I don’t only draw a lot of inspiration from games, comic and moving childrens stories, especially childrens book illustration as well as game design and game illustration are also areas I love to work in.

With backgrounds both in typography and social pedagogy experience with kindergardners I find myself home in playful styles.

My portfolio spans from sleek big vector landscape illustrations in combination with visualizations for an education-focused institute, minimalistic vector for theater posters to procreate – handdrawn comic style card game Illustrations with my focus being two children’s books and two children’s stories in a more sketchy, subtle style currently in the making.

"Bunny Bear" figure from a Story in Progress

So call or email me if you look for:

Sweet subtle childrens book illustration

Comic Style drawings and visualisations

Meaning Based Single Image Licensing

Abstract or cute Pattern design

Versatility for styles that fit your project

Clients and client statements

Fritz-Schubert Institut Heidelberg, lenitas gGmbH, ProLiberis gGmbH, Sven Buttlar,
Tobias Rohde, Sascha Stösser, Lebensfach Glück e.V., Veleum GmbH, Marc Nemitz, Rasmus Fuhse,,
Tim Griffin, Mike Hientzsch, Sarah Karimi, Lachs & Moritz Frankfurt, Maurizio Kemptner, iMago Tanzverein, Tobias Niemann,
Missy Peterson, Pacifico Renewables, Relaxn, Das Teutenblatt, Slke Wahl, True USA a.m.

„The collaboration was flawless and easy at all times. Draft versions of the work were shown to open a dialogue and incorporate changes. The project was completed quickly and to full satisfaction without any difficulties.“

Yara Final Painting small in Frame
Sven Buttlar /
Digital artist

„The collaboration with Frau Gregor was a consistently recommendable experience for me. From ideation and conception to the first drafts and final graphics, the process was very pleasant and the communication was always timely and comprehensive. The high level of professionalism, understanding of my needs, coupled with initiative and great craftsmanship and creativity, have made me a repeat customer of Frau Gregor.“

Marrek Novel Custom Cover Design, soft cover book
Tobias Rohde /

„Frau Gregor has exceeded my expectations every time. Whether it was an illustrative drawing or a business brochure, and with various design requirements or as a free design: The results were always first-class.“

VHS Reutlingen Logo
Timo Stösser /
for vhsrt

„In my work with Alexandra I have experienced her to be:

• always available and communicable
• always friendly
• explains everything simply
• calm, open and sympathetic to communicate and work with
• highly professional
• flexible, fast and effective
• creative
• reliable“

Anne van Zoest /
for Lebensfach Glück e.V.
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