Artistic Bullet Journals with unusual Art Covers from the creative Facescape Portrait Series

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Take notes with Artistic Bullet Journal and complete the series 😉

Until the series is complete and you can hold a dedicated artbook about all the works in your hands, get them as Artistic Bullet Journals to scribble, note ideas, plans and great discoveries into. Collect the pieces of the series you like best for your own shelf whilst having a bunch of dotted notebooks printed on demand directly for you. Each comes with a piece of the Facescapes artscapes and an abstract photo composition of a surreal portrait of the same woman, displayed and manipulated into a plethora of imaginations.

100 pages with dots and some art

Furthermore, there is also an Agenda 2023-2024 for all of France, the zones A, B and C for all regions and higher classes. It’s filled with artworks and not too playful but well structured. So it likely won’t be an 8 year old’s cup of tea but once they start being interested in cool graphics, this might be the right agenda.

It’s an agenda scolaire en francais, all insides are written in French and intended for a French audience. I am just starting out layouting agendas so I have a lot to learn and am looking forard to doing an even better job next time!

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