Clean minimalist Campaign Logo Design for Devin for Congress

Services: Logo, Visual language and concept

Today I am sharing the logo I had the pleasure to create for Devin Hermanson for Congress who is campaigning for WA-02 this year.

I have only met Devin as an authentic, charming, and empathetic person with strengths as well in human-focused, social, and creatively artistic regard and factual, realistic, and sensible regard. Down to earth and progressive, with a positive outlook and approach focused on hope and the fight for healing and positive impact, highlighted by the slogan “Be A Hope Hero”.

Over the brainstorming and creation process, we ended up finalizing this clean, compact, and minimalist logo with a compact version and a wide version, as well as a version with his first name only.

For colors and fonts, I aligned with already existing websites. I used the red that Devin already employs on the website, due to its personal significance and authentic reference to the shade. The font Anton is already the main typeface for the website and an optimal choice because of its line thickness and presence. To ensure harmony, I selected a blue and a gray tone that provide good contrasts and usability in combination with the red, and adjusted the strokes of the stylized flag stripes to match the line thickness.

Working with Devin was a pleasure, communication and exchange were perfect and it was a great project to work on! For more information please check out and show your support!


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