Custom provocative composition for TrueUSA

Graphic for TrueUSA’s Procter & Gamble Campaign on

Custom provocative composition of procter and gamble is a nonprofit Organisation located in the US dedicated to defunding Fox News and highlighting Fox’ role in political events. These illustrations were for campaigns associating the network’s sponsors with values echoed by Fox Personalities such as Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity.

TrueUSA’s goal thereby was to call on the sponsors to quit supporting the network and avoid further disinformation. The claim was not per sé to badmouth the sponsor, but to imply their support of the network’s values and claims through continued sponsoring. Furthermore, the hope was, through compelling imagery, to spread the word faster.

The values implied in these illustrations are for the intent of TrueUSA’s campaign.

In this case, the illustration shows a roll of toilet paper by Procter & Gamble, a Fox sponsor, and implies their support of harming the United States and its flag.

This illustration was created for a non profit and I received no payment for it, other than friendly gratitude. I appreciate the organisation’s founder’s humanity and personal values, and I did enjoy being part of TrueUSA’s journey trying to make a positive change.

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