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The Facescapes Photoshop Composite series is the expression of potential in creativity and bandwidth of possible creations all extending from the same base. A playful dive into creativity.

Originally inspired by an edited example shared by a graphic design blog I followed, and created with the same low-resolution portrait the original poster had used as a base, it quickly grew into a bigger series of vast potential for Ideas, creation, and creativity. A playground for the mind, that goes hand in hand with my passion for subjects such as human perception and mental processing, association, and subconscious.

Additionally, it provides a space to freely explore ideas and play without limits, as well as a way to continuously refine and keep skills up to date. I firmly believe that play and a playful mindset don’t only support but are fundamental for creativity and inspiration to thrive. Simultaneously, the tools we use to create keep upgrading and changing, and we need to stay on top. A great way to stay educated is by practically using your tool, which personal and commercial series such as this are perfect for.

After first only playfully using the old picture, upon deciding to make this a bigger series in High res, I created one with bits taken from multiple Public Domain Licensed Portraits and edited it to be the base I needed, recreated the old ideas with it and have used it since to explore all new ideas with. The idea is to always use the same base image as the starting point, and then let creativity lead me.

Whatever can be dreamt of, can be created.

Do you have specific Ideas you would like to see me create with it for you as part of the series? Say **@al*************.com to commission me and let’s chat about creating something outstanding!

Like it? Let’s create something great together, as well!

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