Logo Design for a creative idea and fictional Funeral Preplanning website business

The Funeral preplanning website Business: My-Funeral.com Logo Design

A while ago, in a silly conversation, the idea for a fictional business was born: A website and service clients would be offered a large variety of options to set up and preplan their own future funeral. From very simplistic to extravagant luxury options the service would be able to offer in cooperation with other businesses in related fields.

With a slogan like “From simple to Bling”, the funeral preplanning website should incorporate a vast bandwidth of options with the appeals of

  1. Clients being free to plan precisely the funeral they wished for instead of having to leave instructions or leaving it to their loved ones
  2. Being able to take care of planning and payment beforehand and thereby
  3. Avoiding to burden loved ones with task and cost and giving them the space to grieve

We thought about what services would be useful for cooperation, about how the website would have to be set up. Thought about prices, tax, legal issues, advertisement slogans. The slogan above inspired me to think of a logo, and this was a quick draft for a coffin blinking like a diamond, to represent the “bling” factor.

If this was a serious endeavour, it would be a challenge to create, staying appealing enough to draw attention while being tactful and earnest towards customers and the thoughtfulness of the matter at hand.

Find the logos I have created for nonfictional clients here.

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