Going Home – The Dark Prince – A Dreamscape Artwork


Going Home – The Dark Prince

A Dreamscape Artwork

This artwork was an abstract late goodbye long past due time.

I am a firm believer that rarely in a dynamic there is black and white, good and bad, and that there is almost never only one side to blame, as well as that the search for blame is never a productive thing to do in relations you actually healthily want to repair, improve or retrieve.

I do think though, that there are personalities, traits, wounds, issues or preferences that just clash, personalities that are just unhealthy in combination with specifically each other, albeit maybe not with other people. This artwork is the acceptance of having to let go of people any relation is unhealthy with for me, and the peaceful letting go of trying to fix things at any cost, which is never a healthy thing to do in itself. This is a symbol of peace, letting the bad walk away into a stormy past one is ready to leave behind.

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