Hand Lettering Music is all around us from August Rush

Hand Lettering Music is all around us

Hand Lettering Music is all around us

I am a huge fan of hand lettering, typefaces and playing with letters and type in general. To make art out of written words is an art form in itself I very much appreciate seeing and playing with myself. These, I drew by hand on paper, but redrew in high resolution, for postcards to color and coloring collections, as well as art prints. If you would like one, please **@al*************.com” title=”let me know”>let me know.


“The music is all around us. All you have to do, is listen” is a quote by August Rush from the movie August Rush. It’s a lovely, somewhat cheesy movie about love, music, and the way it connects us. It’s about how they find each other again and reconnect (hopefully) as a family, through music and a magical connection through it. It’s very beautiful, and I loved Robin William’s role in it too, though he did not play the best person. To me, music is one of the best and most important things in the world, so this message conveys a lot of meaning.

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