Illustrated Book “A Christmas Carol of some sorts” by Tobias Rohde


Services: Illustration, Layout, Book Setting, Typography, Typeface Creation

The requirements and description of this Illustrated Book are not strictly a children’s book. Rather, it’s a book for adults with a childlike Illustration and very meta/subtle setting, layout and commenting style. It is a highly fascinating and enjoyable style to work with. Since I am creating this book in close collaboration with the writer, we speak weekly, review work, and discuss the upcoming week. Rather than simply layouting, I am integrating the text strongly with the image. According to the author’s wishes and due to the rather personal nature of the Illustrated Book, I set it in his handwriting.

To accomplish this with reasonable legibility, I used numerous handwriting samples, redrew the cleanest characters with vector brushes and paths, cleaned these up in Illustrator and created a clean typeface in FontCreator, meticulously kerning each lettering pair to achieve a possibly beautiful look.

Furthermore, since it is a very collaborative work, and the subject is very “Finding your true purpose, want, need” related, I add some of the pictures I took on my journey and illustrate them, as well as many pages include little sidenotes, dialogues between editor and author to comment on Text, Illustrations, Illustration “mistakes” and other dissonances.

I am enjoying this work very much. Release is planned for the end of this year, there is much work still to do. Stay tuned 🙂

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