Adorable Illustration Friday Illustration for the prompt „Jump“

Illustration Friday Illustration Jump

Illustration Friday Illustration about an elephant, hoping to be able to fly when my Bunny Bear would jump onto the board

When I first started out with Illustration, I often partook in a think called Illustration Friday, where Illustrators get a prompt each week to come up with an illustration for. This week, it was “Jump”, so to put a cute and funny twist to it, I decided to go with a fun instance of the idea to drop or have someone jump on one end of a see saw to have something on the other end lift off – which the elephant in this picture is obviously awaiting with excitement, as my little bunny bear is trying to provide this for him.

The bunny bear is a little creation I used to use or hide in many of my old drawings, but have not used in a long time.. I think, maybe I should change this again 😉

If you like this picture and may like it as a poster, postcard or sticker, hit me a notw and I will gladly see what I can do for you!

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