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Hey! I’m Alex!

I am an Illustrator and Character Designer with backgrounds in print design, photography, cosmetics, and social pedagogy. I’m a gamer, traveler, explorer, and all-around creative who loves to observe the inside and the outside of the human condition. I’m a bit of a nerd with a love for cute, whimsical drawing styles and the eras of Art Nouveau and Bauhaus, as well as the intrigue of beautiful hand lettering, illustrating with type and cute patterns. So especially children’s book illustration as well as game design and game illustration are the areas I most aim to work in and for.

So call or email me if you look for:

Sweet subtle children’s book illustration

Comic-style drawings and visualizations

Single Image Licensing

Abstract or cute Pattern design

Versatility for styles that fit your project

"Bunny Bear" figure from a Story in Progress

Illustration portfolio Contents

  1. Children’s Book Illustration Current Works in Progress
  2. Children’s Book Illustration Collection of seasonal Illustrations for kids
  3. Patterns for fabrics used for baby and toddler Products
  4. Illustrations for the Fritz Schubert Institut
  5. TypeArt Series
  6. Expression Illustrations
  7. Game Illustration and Poster Illustration for the Card Game Robert erobert die Welt
  8. Set of Emotion-Based Illustrated Cards
  9. Minimalistic Vector Illustration
  10. Caricature Mascot Comic Drawings
  11. Elegant Art Nouveau-Inspired Series
  12. Selection of random drawings, illustrations, and artwork
  13. Handlettering Examples
  14. Animation Examples

Series of Childrens Book Illustration to depict autumn and Winter themes

Vector patterns for children-focused fabrics for kids’ products on Windelzauberland.de

Ships metaphor Illustration

2x1m Poster Illustration

2x1m Poster Illustration of Fritz-Schubert-Institute’s ship’s metaphor to use in their School Subject Happiness seminars for educators, printed as background and foreground only to add each seminar’s modules as the course goes to visualise contents in an entertaining way

2x1m Poster Illustration and Character visualisations for Fritz-Schubert-Institut.

TypeArt – Objects in Type, depicting objects as the word in the shape of its object

Illustrated things to say – Visual expression of sayings, notions, opinions, feelings, and thoughts

Cover Illustration and Card Illustrations for representation and showcase of a card game to publishers at upcoming conventions

Mr. Fuhse reported that sadly the game remained unsuccessful while the poster repeatedly generated interest with bypassers.

(WiP) Set of Emotion-based cards in Cooperation with Tobias Rohde of the Fritz-Schubert Institut Heidelberg for educational, psychological, and personal growth purposes

Minimalistic Vector Illustration for theater Posters and a personal idea

Comic Iconic Mascot Illustrations for clients based on a photo (l.) and variations of an existing character (r.)

Set and series of elegant female illustrations inspired by Art Nouveau

Selection of single Works, old to recent, from children’s book illustration style over painting to vector to show bandwidth

Examples of Handlettering works of quotes and song lyrics, drawn on paper, then digitized

Examples of Animation, frame by frame in Photoshop, Procreate and Procreate Dreams

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