Double Page Illustrations for Current WiP with Author Tobias A.L. Rohde

Character Designs and Style examples for a Children’s story

Character Designs and Sketches / Storyboard for children’s book “The Truth About Monsters”

Versions of my Original Character “BunnyBear”

Series of Childrens Book Illustration to depict autumn and Winter themes

Pattern designs for children-focused fabrics for kids’ products on and others

Cover / Poster Illustration for “Robert erobert die Welt” by Rasmus Fuhse

2x1m Poster Illustration and Character visualisations for Fritz-Schubert-Institut.

(WiP) Set of Emotion-based cards in Cooperation with Tobias Rohde of the FSI Heidelberg

Comic Iconic Mascot Illustrations for clients

Minimalistic Vector Illustration

TypeArt – “Objects in Type” depicting objects as the word in the shape of its object

Set and series of vignette illustrations inspired by Art Nouveau

Selection of random Artworks

Examples of Handlettering works of quotes and song lyrics

Examples of Animation, frame by frame in Photoshop, Procreate and Procreate Dreams

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