Nostalgic 1920s Logo Freelance Design for the VHSRT Emil Film Studio

Client: Emil Studio needs a Logo Freelance Design

Quote from Emil Studio Website translated by A.Gregor:

The Emil Filmstudio is a small Filmstudio adressing business clients as well as educational institutes and organisations. It offers the infrastructure for video- and audio recordings as fully processed product or as a livestream in a virtual set from preparation through broadcast.

The studio is part of the Emil-Gminder-Akademie and the Volkshochschule Reutlingen and has its primal focus on the production of digital educational media and studying materials. Therefor it also serves as teaching studio.

Logo Freelance Design

The basic idea and “feel” asked for was early 1900’s Art Deco Film Studio feel, and I instantly had an image for font-settings in mind. With a warm, orange tone and a hint to an umrella-like seemingly antique light-screen, as well as the vision of neon tubes, we agreed this was the desired feel, and with refining for optimal proportions of the rectangle, and the one-line versions for different uses, we got to the desired result swiftly. Working with the Emil Studio was a very smooth and wonderful process.

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