Logo, Identity Concept and Flyers for Sollbruch Beratungsbüro (Consulting)

Services: Logo, Visual language and concept for the consulting studio

The Logo

Sollbruch Beratungsbüro, formerly Lernstudio, is an established space around the subjects of Personality development, education, consulting, and psychological factors, focusing on development and growth. Therefore, they required a logo which would show openness and versatility. Furthermore, the Beratungsbüro is a safe space and meant to be welcoming to all visitors and clients. Specific ideas the client asked to consider were:

• A somewhat open cube
• M.C. Escher-esque as in being possible to be looked at from different perspectives, switching between them while looking at it
• Since the client combines a variety of work areas in their business, the logo was less to signify “learning” as a focus element, as implied by the former name Lernstudio, but stand for the studio and its open spaces themselves
• Sketched or sketchy elements are very welcome

The final cube can be seen from above or below. Sides are open, and the openings build an S, as the initial of the Sollbruch Beratungsbüro (Consulting). In order to highlight the S, the endings of the S are rounded. The edges extend into pencil lines implying a previous sketch. The main color is a fresh green, for copies and black and white prints as well as for diverse backgrounds, there are a black, a negative and a green version with inverse, white type and without type, the logo is still recognisable when scaled down. Even though the client has renamed and changed parts of their business and works in the meantime, focusing on the Sollbruch S instead of the main branch of work back then ensured a further usability and is still in use by the client today.

Flyer Sollbruch Beratungsbüro

To express the dynamic and often modular processes in the studio, the flyer should be interesting in its make up as well. It is square. and to be folded twice. Therefore, front and “back” on the outer side are mirrored, to be legible and not “upside down” when folded, while the inside is all in the same direction as you see all four square pages at once once it is opened. Additionally, they had the corners cut rounded in the printing process, which aides in resembling a dice and keeps the dynamic, playful element.

Flyer Abi Kongress

The Abi Kongress was an event to book for upcoming graduates of the Gymnasium (High School) to study and prepare for the Abitur tests in an optimal setting with a trained and well organised team to guide through the process to get the best possible grades. The flyer was directed at parents and students who were interested in signing up their “kids” or partaking, as Abiturienten are generally around 19/20 years of age. Therefore I kept the flyer in moving up direction and used the diagonal lines to style it more dynamically while keeping text and boxed legible and serious.


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