Minimalist Illustrated Posters and flyers for upcoming pieces of a HADES themed theater series


Services: Illustration, Poster

Tobias Rohde writes and acts theater pieces as well as novels. The HADES series hereby consists of stories of Characters from the sagas telling their own stories from the underworld and revealing whole new perspectives onto the stories we know.

IKARUS is an improvised one hour one man play telling Ikarus’ story from the perspective of Ikarus himself telling it to the lost souls down in the world of death, after his fall. On a Stage lined with foil and filled with water Tobias Rohde kneels in the wetness dressed in spare linen clothing inspired by the old tales and shredded, almost featherless wings, molten and stained with puss and blood, and tells the story of how he did it on purpose recklessly, regardless of the consequences, because getting to experience and live it, really live it once was worth dying for. Feathers swim around the pool, and this minimalistically illustrated Poster was the advertisement he wanted.

ACHILLES as well is an improvised one hour one man play. As an intricate play of strength and cowardice, the love for life and death, temptation and fear shows Achilles from a different light, as a frightened, vulnerable human terrified at the prospect of love, in the skin of a nearly undefeatable warrior. The poster illustration was supposed to show both sides which I achieved through the sad look on a helmet.


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