Module Oriented Gigantic Poster Illustration For The Fritz-Schubert-Institute, A Project Of Time, Effort And Love

Services: High Quality Gigantic Poster Illustration to print over 2m and separate into back and foregrounds

For their seminars and Trainee’s work with their students the institute required a poster. This poster was to incorporate the entire Metaphor with all big and small elements encompassing all seminars over the course. The poster is to be printed twice. Once, as background without its elements – and once the elements devoid background. The intention hereby was to be able to cut and place them into place during the course of the seminars.

Creating a Gigantic Poster Illustration that size with all detailed elements turned out very challenging. To ensure quality in large print, I created it entirely as vector in Illustrator. This lead to challenges for depiction but also handling of the gigantic finesize. The project all in all took us about 2 years of working back and forth. Through the metaphor and courses expanding and changing over time required continuous changes and creation of new elements.

Simultaneously, a project of this size grows close to your heart and was highly rewarding to finish and shake hands on. I hope for more projects of this size, and learned a lot about what I would do differently in the process so I would love to incorporate it into the next illustration process!

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