Movement and development ship Freelance Logo for Lebensfach Glück e.V.

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About the Client

This was a Freelance logo design for Lebensfach Glück e.V.

On their website the organisation describes their concept as follows:

“Happiness as psychological well-being makes everyone more social, creative, solution-oriented, resilient and keeps us healthy.

By founding our association, we have created a platform to offer opportunities to get closer to this goal.

First off, we aim to establish the further training “school subject happiness – learning goal: well-being” in Rhineland – Palatinate. […]

Since the further education takes place in cooperation with the Fritz Schubert Institute, please also have a look at In addition, we would like to offer extended perspectives from the areas of music, art and movement through our association in cooperation with artists. In the field of music we think of choir music and singing workshops. Art is represented by sculpture, painting and printing workshops. Yoga, Pilates and dance represent the area of movement.”

The Freelance Logo for Lebensfach Glück

The symbolism needed to convey movement, development, and growth. Additionally, their training seminars “school subject happiness” established by the Fritz Schubert Institute Heidelberg consistently use a ship as the primary symbol. Furthermore, the sail, a central element, symbolizes the motivating power of the wind. As a result, the final logo features a stylized sail, accompanied by a thin, sleek bow symbolizing the ship’s body.

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