Print Design Brochure „Reise des Lebens“ for a sailing trip with two personality development coaches

Print Design Brochure for a trip about personality and growth

Coaches Florian Winkelmann and Tobias A.L.Rohde organised a trip which would focus on combining the ideas of the team’s work sailing with personal growth and the betterment of quality of life.

As Tobias Rohde is Junior Director of the Fritz-Schubert-Institut Heidelberg for Personal growth, the science of longterm Happiness and Education, as well as Co Developer of the theory and Ships-metaphor used to visualise and actualise it, Illustrations also used in the development of the seminar prochures (in progress) found their use in this brochure as well. The Pirate, as well as a crew member and sketched ship are used to highlight the association of the subjects.

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