Print Design Poster & Business Cards Keil Collection Heidelberg incorporating the art of Peter Keil

Services: Typography, Branding of an exhibition Event

Keil Collection Heidelberg organized an Open Air Exhibition of Peter Robert Keil’s art called “Kunst im Kontext” (en.: Art within context). The idea was to exhibit the artworks throughout nature and city to experience it within different environments and collect these impressions.

For this, they required PR documents such as posters, flyers and contact cards .

These products integrate one of his artworks and colors taken from his art, playing with changing it based on placement, i.e. taking away color and leaving contour only for the frame of the poster, to hint at the subject. For the typeface I chose a sans serif with “a kick” and an abundance of widths and visual appeal to be able to play and combine without having to use too many different typefaces on top.

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