ReGrowth – A Dreamscape Artwork about healing and peace

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ReGrowth – A Dreamscape Artwork

About healing and peace

This artwork is inspired by an image I often see in my mind.

In an old blog post, I once wrote „When the world gets louder and faster and chaotic and hasty I get stressed and then there’s this moment where I just switch it off and I float. There’s this image of a little girl in a white dress standing still in a world made of glass and while the screams and the noise and the shrieks from the traffic get louder and louder and you’re worried the world of glass would just be about to burst into shards, tiny glossy shards of glass, the world suddenly turns into paint and the noises are heat and the paint melts and it rains color down from everywhere; the world just melts and paints the sky beautiful.

That’s my quiet five minutes of the day.“

Somehow this image of the little girl in the white dress always stuck with me, regardless of situation, as a source of peace, safety, calm in a world of noise, and regrowth in a time of brokenness. The unbroken, innocent, playful part in us that sits below all the dirt and cracks, and only wants to help, if we let it.

This is about healing. Within ourselves, and about helping Earth recouperate and regrow. It’s about empathy, innocence, beauty and naivity as healing factors. Furthermore, it is about intentionally lived inner peace as strategy against stress, pressure and “war”. The big and small ones.

Want this Dreamscape to dream away in your home?

For prints and products check Etsy to see what’s available. Images here are mockups.

For your own personal Dreamscape, chat me up and we’ll talk about it!

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