Typographic Design Poster and Flag for growth and education oriented client Lenitas gGmbH

What the client asked for: Typographic Design Poster and Flag

Creation of a poster and a flag in the Lenitas colors with words in shape of the lenitas familiar butterfly


On their website Lenitas.de the privider/carrier for kindergartens, schools and other educational children / Teenager Services describes their philosophy as follows:

“With the name “Lenitas” (lat. = “giving time, serenity”) we aim to clarify the focus of our work: Giving time and taking the world more calmly.

In today’s fast-paced world, and the stress it causes for everyone, we are particularly concerned to give children and parents enough time to grow together, to develop and to feel comfortable with us. We support them in creating more peace in moments of hectic everyday life. We also see this as a guiding principle in our pedagogical work.”

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