What are “Characterscapes” of the Artscapes series?

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Characterscapes are a series within my Artscapes family wherein people are depicted the way I perceive them through my artistic lens in the shape of abstract and phantastic compositions

Interested in a custom artwork for your wall, depicting you through my lens, or as a gift about and for a loved one?

You’re a startup business or company and are looking for an interesting way to showcase your businesses characteristics, ideals and / or mission statement in shape of a characterscape to place and advertise in your offices, on posters or for magazine ads?

With the highly connected personal character to the creation of these artworks, they represent a unique gift option to surprise your loved one with, and a highly individual way to present yourself or showcase your business in a way that you may not see elsewhere.

A characterscape ad example
A Characterscape Poster example
Jen - a characterscape bulletin board
Heaven - a characterscape art example

The role of the lens

I tend to be and adjust sensitively to my surroundings and how situations, the “room” and people feel to me. Additionally, I have a strong tendency to think in images and visual keys. Situations, people and characteristics I often perceive in abstract visual as well as auditive ways, attached to sensations, colors, tones and tunes. This influences a lot of my expressions and makes these compositions the optimal visual language for my art.

Want one of these Characterscapes to dream away in your home?

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To commission me for your own personal or Corporate Characterscape, chat me up and we’ll talk about it!

Therefore, these Charactercapes show both the intricate traits I see in a person and the lens I perceive them through. At the same time, this way, an artwork depicting you through my lens becomes a dynamic piece of interaction between you and the artist.

Generally the way personal, cognitive biases, experience, circumstance and the human ways to process information shape our perception and give us each individual lenses to perceive our world and each other through, has always fascinated me. Not only regarding social interaction and communication, but of course in regards to how it shapes art. The subjectivity and communicational character in grasping an object, person or business to shocase therefore makes it personal and unique.

The benefits of commissioning an individual Characterscape

For you yourself, Characterscapes can be a source of joy and a sometimes needed push for the Ego. For loved ones, family, friends, Characterscapes offer a unique and personal gift idea. Cafés, restaurants, libraries and other public spaces showing Characterscapes offer a piece to wonder, dream about and muse over a cup of coffee. For Startup businesses and companies, a Characterscape is an unparalleled platform to vividly showcase your distinctive characteristics, ideals, and mission statements, enabling you to captivate your audience and forge meaningful connections from the first glance.

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