What are “Dreamscapes” of the Artscapes series?

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Dreamscapes are a very personal series with a journaling character. In looks and creation, they remind of the Characterscapes series. Instead of personality characteristics, though, they express situations, feelings, events as well as personal stories and thoughts in abstract composites. Basically, an abstract visual journal entry you can see.

Interested in a printed piece to showcase, a high res file to print yourself, or commissioning a custom artwork as a gift?

Surprise a loved one with a custom abstract composition artwork. Created with your input and motif wishes to incorporate as well as my lense and visual language.

On My Way

The role of the lens

As a lover of words, I do adore how words paint pictures in their own way, and words, to me, are brushes as well. However, at the same time, many situations, feelings or especially notions I struggle to put into words, I often process visually. My processing conveys a net made up of knots consisting of words, colors, images, movements, film clips, music, sound effects, voices and often short sentences whispered into my subconscious.

Want one of these Dreamscapes to dream away in your home?

For prints and products check Etsy to see what’s available. Images here are mockups.

For your own personal Dreamscape, chat me up and we’ll talk about it!

Regardless of happy or sad, maddening or peaceful, I process by taking long walks and choosing music I can “feel” relate to it. On these walks, I create music videos, stories, landscapes, worlds and dialogue and often tune out the world as I do. Many of these dreamscapes result from thoughts, images and ideas created on these walks. Some are literal dreams, some stories, some very personal events, accumulated in a poetic, visual Dreamscape.

Commissioning an individual Dreamscape

Differing from the Characterscape these are so alike visually, these are poetic pieces of dream, wish, fear and feeling, often personal. Therefore certainly mine are personal to me. Commissioned by and for you, the result can be anything you wish.

Maybe just a cool fantasy image. A landscape you wish to imagine and create. Creatures, or depths you fear or love. Maybe something that makes you laugh or smile? It could be a very personal moment for you. Something that still touches and moves you, but through its abstract fantasy depiction is not obvious to the audience unless you let them know. Your secret on your living room wall, open for every visitor to see but only to understand by those you let in.
A unique gift for loved ones. For personal, or public spaces. Cafés, restaurants, libraries and other public spaces showing Dreamscapes offer a piece to wonder, dream about and muse over a cup of coffee. A source of imagination as an artwork in a library, an office or workshop wall.

See all of them here and connect with me via **@al*************.com” title=”email”>email, phone or on X.



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