What are “Facescapes” of the Artscapes series?

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Facescapes are the expression of potential in creativity and bandwith of possible creations all extending from the same base. A playful dive into creativity.

Interested in a custom Facescapes artwork for your wall, integrating specific elements or ideas you wish for?

How Come?

A few years back, PSD Vault posted a cool composition I wanted to try to somewhat recreate but instead of copying the idea I saw it as a challenge to try something similar with splashes and color of skin and colorfree skin specks. At first, I even found and used the same stock image, and as creativity goes, working on it inspired a plethora of additional ideas on how to change and create different outcomes from the same base image, and the series “1 Portrait, 100 Ideas” was born.

“1 Portrait, 100 ideas” turns into Facescapes

Now they have grown to be part of my wider array of scapes series’ which all relate to perspective and the influence of bias and perception of process and creation, so as Facescapes they continue to have their space amongst them, recreated with a newly created higher resolution Face-base to ensure higher potential and bigger print-resources.

This new Base portrait consists of photos from the Public Domain licensed sites pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash, as a mix of a base portrait, shoulders, eyes and lips from other images and adjustments I made to headshape, faces details and such to be the perfect basis for my needs.

Facescapes Article Base portrait bigFacescapes Article Base portrait small
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