Illustrated Emotion-Cards for development and growth

Services: Illustration, Card Design

This is a continuous work in Progress, as the Illustrated Emotion-Cards set contains a little over 40 different emotions and shades of base emotions to depict. The emotions are based of a table of emotions examining the nature of base emotions and the combinations of base emotions mixing to more complex emotions. The cards are for use in psychology, personal development and growth/happiness oriented work for self examination, seminars and coaching contexts.

Style elements

Depicted Characters I generally leave clothes-less to suggest the pure nature of focus on the emotion itself. Furthermore, I use the long hair as style element as well as to cover up sensitive parts. This should prevent viewing it as sexualisation of figures. Further, I am drawing figures androgynously or covering them enough to potentially be either gender. Additionally, I am implementing the emotion as word into drawings to make it clearer. Cards where the exact name is not final yet, like the new version of anger → wrath on the right, I am leaving without the word until it is finalized.

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